You go, Girl!

You are going to work with a partner to generate a list of women who have had a positive impact on history. The list will need to be completed as follows:

1. 20 women (20 points)
2. Ten women born before 1950, ten women after 1950 (20 points)
3. You must use at least one woman from each of the following categories:

a. politician
b. sports
c. artist/musician
d. actress
e. medical/science
f. technology
g. world figure
h. philanthropist
i. activist
j. education/inventor/great mind

You can do up to two people from each category.

(5 points per choice - 100 points total)

4. You will need to write a minimum of three sentences about each woman and why you put her on the list. (100 points.)

5. Each partner will need to turn in their own paragraph explaining who they think is the most important person on the list and why. (50 points)

Project must be typed.