That’s A RAP!
You and your group members have been commissioned to write a rap to let the country know the history of the great state of Pennsylvania. Your rap will need to be written with at least one stanza or verse for each member of your group. Your group should also write a chorus/refrain to repeat after each verse.You will need to type it and then have it approved by Ms. Klahre. (ONLY SCHOOL APPROPRIATE LANGUAGE.) After your rap has been approved, you will then have time to practice it as a group. The final step will be to have all groups perform their raps in front of the class. We will be taking a vote and the members of the group having the favorite rap will earn 5 points extra credit.


A verse/stanza should have 4 lines, and each line should be approximately the same length.



Klahre is the librarian whose books are the most
Without her my AR points would be toast
Klahre and her pug, with her tongue hanging free
That's one Cat that won't be climbing a tree!

AR points and taking lots of tests
Ms. Klahre's books are all the best
Check them out but bring them back on time
Or your fine will make you drop a dime!

Each category will be worth 10 points:
  • All members actively involved in the research process
  • All members perform at least one verse in the oral presentation
  • Rap contains mention of one or more famous Pennsylvanians
  • Rap contains mention of two or more famous PA headline news events.
  • Rap features two or more PA landmarks.
You must include at least 5 of the following: state motto, nickname, animal, fish, insect, flower, tree, beverage, etc.
Additional bonus points will be offered to any groups who enhance their performance with costumes, beat boxing, etc.