America's Most Wanted - Group Project

You and your group will be assigned to one of the conspirators of the Lincoln Assassination.

John Wilkes Booth
David Herold
Lewis Powell
George Atzerodt
John (and Mary) Surratt
Dr. Mudd and Ned Spangler

Each group will be assigned to one of the "good guys" involved in the events

Abraham Lincoln
Major Rathbone/Clara Harris
William Seward and family
Edwin Stanton
Dr. Charles Leale
Andrew Johnson/Laura Keene

Each group will also be assigned to 2 of the 12 days of the manhunt.

Within the group, you will be responsible for the following:

  • Creating a Wanted poster with your conspirator(s), explaining the part played and specific crimes. You will also need to include any specific reward offered - 100 points. While you may work together, each person must create their own poster.
  • A timeline for events that happened on your two days - 50 points per day - done as a group.
  • For the "good" guy, also create a poster detailing role in even. For Lincoln, use actions up until the assassination. - also individual. 100 points

Due 10/24.