All Bro Hall of Fame

You have just been offered the job and head of the first ever All Bro Hall of Fame - a Hall of Fame to honor men that you personally either look up to or that you feel have made a positive impact on the world. It is your responsibility to select the first group of inductees, as well as the "Bro of the Year."

You will need to select a nominee in each of the following categories:

1. Sports
2. Politics
3. Musician
4. Actor
5. Humanitarian
6. Social Media Star (In the event that you can't find one for this category, you can substitute with a second from another category)
7. One category of your choice that has not already been covered.
8. A female of your choice.

For each "Bro," you will need to complete a one paragraph biography. In addition, you will need at least 2 sentences as why you selected the person as well as 2 questions that you would ask the person during their induction interview. Questions should be thoughtful and should NOT be able to be answered with just a yes or no.

The final step of the project will be to complete the "Bro" of the year. Which person would receive top honors and why?

In addition to the written portion of the assignment, you must keep a list of the websites that you use for your research. There should be a MINIMUM of 8 sites. Also, at least one site must end with .gov and one site must end with .edu. As usual, Wikipedia is not an acceptable site.


Selection of each person: 5 per person/ 40 total
Questions and paragraph: 15 per person/ 120 total

Final honors: 25

Source list - 40

Total Points: 225 points